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voiture_jaune's Journal

love is alive.
je suis une voiture jaune.

grace. nineteen. college sophomore. likes yellow cars, fashion, politics, music, popcorn, laughing, socks, and snow.

fandom. skins. glee. american idol. twilight. harry potter. gilmore girls. arrested development. lost. veronica mars. greek. the office. community. gossip girl.

ships. chris/jal, tony/maxxie, sid/cassie, naomi/cook, cook/effy (skins). puck/quinn, will/emma (glee). jacob/bella (twilight). ron/hermione, draco/luna, scorpius/rose (harry potter). jess/rory (gilmore girls). jack/kate, sun/jin, charlie/claire (lost). logan/veronica, mac/dick (veronica mars). cappie/casey, evan/rebecca (greek). jim/pam, erin/andy (the office). jeff/britta, jeff/annie (community). dan/blair, nate/serena (gossip girl).


80s music, acoustic versions of songs, adam lambert, alex/izzie, almost famous, alternative music, anderson cooper, anoop desai, anoop indian sex god, archie my lg dare, arrested development, aviator sunglasses, barack obama, beach beach beach, being a grammar nazi, being myself/awesome, being silly, being with nice people, bones, books, bradley cooper, brownies, bruce springsteen, cappie/casey, cats, chris/jal, chuck todd, classic rock, classic tv, cnn, coldplay, comedy, deep thoughts with jackhandey, drama club, effy stonem, emily/naomi, emma pillsbury, explosions in the sky, finn/rachel, fireworks, freddie/effy/cook, friday night lights, george o'malley, george/izzie, gilmore girls, glee, goo goo dolls, greek, grey's anatomy, guilty pleasure books, harry potter, hysterical youtube videos, i just blue myself, i'm so excited scared, indie music, itunes gift cards, jess mariano, jim halpert, jim/pam, jon stewart, justin timberlake, keith olbermann, kelly/andy, kradam, kris allen, lily evans, lily/james, literati, loling in general, lost, making people laugh, matt saracen, matt/julie, milo ventimiglia, movies, my husband david wright, my ipod, my irish catholic family, new jersey, nicknames, omg i'm my father, ontd_ai, parodies, project runway, quoting funny commercials, r.e.m., rachael yamagata, rain, ray charles, reading, reading plays, red hot chili peppers, representing the hufflepuffs!, robert downey jr., ron/hermione, rory gilmore, rory/jess, ryan reynolds, santogold, saturday night live, say anything, sid/cassie, singing badly and loudly, skinny jeans, skins, spoofs, stephen colbert, summertime, the 1980s, the beatles, the bluth family, the new york mets, the office, the shins, tim gunn, tim/lyla, tina fey, tobias funke the analrapist, u2, veronica mars, veronica/logan, veronica/piz, wikipedia, will/emma, wyatt cenac